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If you need to transfer yourself, your career or your assets to a stable country where there are no Capital Gains Tax, no Donations Tax, no Property Transfer Duties and not even Estate Duties, will you consider it?

And what if the country has a maximum personal and company income tax rate of only 30%, all rental property expenses and interest are tax deductible from your personal income plus you are automatically covered by a first world government funded health care program?

Am I referring to an offshore tax haven such as Isle of Man, Guernsey or Mauritius? No, it is a well-known and highly regarded country with a culture and values similar to that of South Africa. It is a country which is not only considered to currently be the number one Rugby playing nation but also a country which I regard as one of the best and safest investment destinations available. Rated in 2013 as the least corrupt country in the world, New Zealand is also considered as one of the easiest international countries in the world to do business in.

A question any investor should ask him- or herself is: Why would I register and manage my offshore retirement portfolio in any of the so called “well-known” and “scrutinized” offshore centers if I can rather invest in New Zealand? Millions of international investors have realized the value of investing their money in this tax efficient country and have recognized the added benefit of its’ strong currency and low inflationary environment. Investment in the property market with its significant rental potential and high demand from international investors has shown constant double digit returns on investments.

Compared to other countries of the world, New Zealand’s economy is booming. This is mostly on the back of the 40 Billion$ Christchurch rebuild as well as the strong and active tourist, agriculture, forest and technology industries.

Yes, it is not easy to emigrate yourself and start a new career in a new country , that is a topic and discussion for another time. But it is very easy, practical and possible to emigrate some of your wealth and secure part of your retirement plan in a stable country and region.

Our services and advice in NZ focus on physical and/or wealth immigration, various financial and risk planning products and career searches  Should you need advice with any of the above, you are welcome to make contact with us. Assistance with various products such as work visas, rental properties, banking accounts, mortgages, insurance cover and pension transfers is our specialty.  We are a one-stop shop for International Engineers.

Below: Please find the latest international ratings for your perusal. New Zealand is really up there with the best of them, punching above their weight, as usual.

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New Zealand is one of the least corrupt countries, according to Transparency International. Australia and Canada are the other two top contenders – see green regions

world map global peace index



World map of the Global Peace Index. Countries appearing more blue are ranked as more peaceful on the Index, countries appearing more red are ranked as less peaceful.

Global Peace Index map



Map of countries by 2008 Economic Freedom of the World, published by the Fraser Institute. The top countries being NZ, Australia, USA and Canada

Economic Freedom Global Map


Various other relevant and interesting international ratings  …